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Bryophytes, comprising mosses, liverworts and hornworts, are an understudied yet crucially important group of non-vascular plants found almost anywhere on Earth. Great Britain and Ireland, in particular the north and west, have long been recognised as a world hotspot for temperate bryophyte biodiversity. It is also has one of the most thoroughly studied bryophyte flora in the world.

The function of this website is to provide an up-to-date online databse for the diversity and taxonomy of bryophyte flora in the British Isles, along with basic information to facilitate identification and promote awareness of bryophytes and the need for their conservation.

This website was founded by Sebastian A. Hatt. Please contact me on this email address (sebasthatt@me.com).

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Hatt SA. (2019). Bryophytes of Great Britain and Ireland. Accessed at http://bryophyta.myspecies.info on 2019-11-4

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